How my EP, Spirals/Dreams Became Reality

I had done a couple of shows,and I was feeling good about it. This particular night I was thinking about how to create a life that was abundant with music, how to discover the depths of what I can accomplish as a musician, and how in the world I could integrate myself into a creative community. All of these things were running through my mind at a little brewery in Boulder, Colorado when I ran into Daniel Herman of MIneral Sound, a wonderful person who ran sound at a show I played maybe 3 months before. He said he had been trying to track me down since then and offered to record 3 of my songs on a real grand piano at a church in beautiful Nederland, CO.

As someone who always plays on a keyboard, I was so inspired by the elegant magnitude of this grand piano, and the way the songs asked to be performed, I decided to record the keys and vocals simultaneously and record them as the live performance would be.

The songs on my EP are my most personal, coloring in the struggles I had as a former addict, choosing the kind of person I want to be, and the void I had to enter in order to reach the other side. This EP is only the beginning of my musical releases as I am about to begin recording a full length album.

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